About me

Hazem was born into a Palestinian American family in 1984. He is the ninth of thirteen children and was raised in a typically Islamic home. At the age of 12, his father decided to move the family to their ethnic home land of Jerusalem to teach them the Islamic culture and Arabic traditions. There, he set out upon his journey to seek the truth about the true God. He began to learn about Islam and the Arab culture and began to learn about Christianity. This was the beginning of his intriguing story of conversion. After setting his heart to find out the truth about God, he found himself at a difficult crossroad in life. One road led to life as usual with family, riches and Islam and the other road led to the completely opposite direction. He chose that latter.
He has ministered all over the United States at various conferences ministering from the Bible, encouraging congregations and inspiring youth groups to run wholeheartedly after Christ to make an impact upon the Earth. Hazem is the host of the TV show, Reflections, which reaches a combined Arabic and English speaking population of well over 400 million viewers in North America, Canada, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
He believes God is passionate about this generation and has given his life to the ministry in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to follow Jesus.